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Pivott events


Want to connect with the start up ecosystem and learn? Free talks, workshops and experiences curated to inform, inspire and support your startup career journey.
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StartSmart Academy


Keen to work in a startup? Take a quick self-directed course to help you get started on your start up journey. We've got you covered with guest facilitators and in-depth case studies.
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Current startup jobs


Want a startup job? Explore opportunities across our network of startups and scaleups. We can match you to the right roles.
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Startup Ready Questionnaire


Not sure if you're startup ready? Take our Startup Ready Questionnaire to see if you have what it takes to work in a startup.
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About the Pivott Program

Pivott is a free program designed to empower your startup career journey. With a supportive learning academy, curated workshops and events, and access to endless jobs, we're here to help. Pivott your career into the startup world. Powered by:

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